For the next year I will be attending weekly Rotary meetings in either the afternoon or evening on Tuesdays. The meetings are held at a hotel, same as mine back home but much smaller. There are about 32 members of the Willich Rotary Club. I think there were about 20 of us for this particular meeting.

Before sitting down Raquel, Eva, and I stood by our chairs and waited as people came into the room and shook our hands to say hello. When we finally sat down I looked down at my place setting and saw my napkin neatly folded in the center of my placemat where my plate would eventually need to go. I went to move it aside when I noticed a little green grasshopper on it. It blended in with the lime green napkin so I didn't notice it at first. Someone was speaking at that point either the President of the club or Rafael, I don't remember and I didn't know what to do with the napkin. Luckily my counselor was sitting behind me and noticed my predicament and let my little friend out through the window. Eventful start to my first meeting.

The speaker for the meeting that day was Rafael, the inbound from Brazil. He was giving his presentation (IN GERMAN) about his exchange so far and some information about what life is like back home. He's been here since January so his German is quite good, gives me hope for mine. His presentation was well done and the club seemed to like it. Plus he brought brigadeiro (sticky/chocolaty dessert with sprinkles on top, basically pure sugar) which we made together the night before. It was also his birthday so happy 17th to him.

Attending this Rotary meeting reminded me of the ones I went to back home in Portland. The meetings were similar but with the obvious language difference. Downtown Portland Rotary is also bigger and the best in the world;)

Thanks to my sponsor & hosting clubs I wouldn't be here without you.