Do you ever just wonder what an average day looks like for a girl like me? Well same. So I wrote about it. Just for you:)

Morning stuff is kinda boring so I'm gonna race through it...

  • 6:30 wake up
  • 6:45 pick out my bomb outfit for the day
  • 7:00 breakfast w/ Thomas of cereal or toast w/ nutella
  • 7:30 bike to school (biking is my favorite thing if I haven't already mentioned that)

My first class starts at 7:40 unless I have a late start and I have 1-4 classes per day. Everyday in a two week span is different and then it repeats. It's pretty confusing but I like it because I get to do something different everyday. I only go to my classes one or two times a week except English which I have two or three.

Today I had English, Deutsch, geography, and math. Lucky for me my Deutsch class got cancelled which oddly happens a lot here. In English I participated in the class discussion for the obvious reason that the entire class is taught in my native language. It's actually an interesting class for me because we're not really learning English but rather learning IN English. The topic the class is discussing is globalization. Everyone in the class chose English as one of their two leistungskurses which are the classes you take the most of and are most interested in. At the end of the semester they will write a paper on globalization and we will move onto the American Dream. Lucky for my class they have a real life American in their class who failed their AP U.S. History exam just last Spring *thumbs up*(I'm only slightly bitter).

As I have mentioned before, school isn't filled with much math, geography, music, or religion learning for me. Right now it's a way for me to learn German. Listening to German all day is kinda boring so I find myself doing a lot of doodles in class. I took some pictures of my doodles so far because I know you're interested.

In geography I studied some German verbs (sounds fun I know) and after went home for  lunch. Then came my favorite class. Math. With my favorite teacher. Herr Welder. Now if you knew me you would know that I'm not a big fan of math but now let's put that math in German and make it math I've never learned before with a teacher that is certain I'm going to magically understand. Today he started talking to me rapid fire in German (like always) and when I didn't understand turned to his favorite translator in the first row of the class. She then turned to me and said "Have you practiced any calculus? Do you understand now?" HA! Herr Welder you are a funny man. I did not in fact go home and study my calculus book in German so I could show off my mad math skills to you today. Didn't make the priority list sorry, maybe next time. Or never.

After he was done with me I turned back to my math notes and pretended to be busy. I wrote a bunch of awesome notes to myself which I know you want to read so here they are.


When Kaeleigh writes German calculus notes like a good student even though she has no idea what she's writing


Here is me doing bad math calculating how many seconds I had left in that dreadful class then I wrote some awesome insightful notes about it:)


Oh wait another ten notes about math class?

End of school bell rang and I booked it out of there. Now I'm home blogging like the blogger I am and am headed to soccer practice soon. Oh wait she's playing soccer in Germany? Who knew?! More about that soon...

later gater

p.s. I spelled calculus right the first time, go me