Why hello there,

Welcome to my life in a blog. I'm glad you've stopped by.

My name is Kaeleigh and I'm currently a freshman at the University of Oregon. I consider this blog my public journal, read one of my posts and suddenly you win a free ticket into my brain. I hope you find something you're looking for; if it be humor, advice, a good story, or something in between.

I originally created this blog to share my year abroad in 2016/2017. I spent 12 months living in Willich, Germany on exchange through Rotary International (https://www.rotary.org/en/get-involved/exchange-ideas/youth-exchanges). Every day, I think about that year and the people I met. Living abroad made me a more vibrant person than I ever would've been without that exposure. The truth is, I need this blog as an outlet for the many colors and creative thoughts swirling through my brain. You're just lucky enough (or unlucky enough) to lay witness to what I create.

The Hard Facts

  • I'm 19
  • Born in CA, raised in OR
  • I'm a soccer and track "star"
  • Favorite book: "I'll Give You the Sun"
  • Avid doodler
  • Favorite season: Fall
  • Inspiration: Rookiemag
  • Favorite color: turquoise. Or is it teal?
  • Yeah I bullet journal
  • Favorite place I've ever been (and one day want to live): Amsterdam
  • Nothing clears my head like a nice solo walk
  • Favorite item of clothing: Classic white Reeboks
  • I have brown hair and eyes
  • Favorite movie(s): Narnia, HP, Les Miserables, Burlesque, Step Up, Fast & Furious, etc., etc.
  • Spirit animal: Anna Kendrick
  • My birthday is October 8th
  • I will forever love the West Coast more than anywhere else

Have questions or just wanna chat? Email me!

Email: kaeleighjames@gmail.com

Kale out