I never expected to find myself at a jewelry auction while in Germany but it happened...

The auction was held in Mönchengladbach which is a neighboring city to Willich only much bigger. Susanne and I got to the building where the auction was held and inside the room found rows of chairs and four glass boxes full of jewelry. There was also a table for electronics that were being sold. We walked around looking at all the pieces for an hour (much too long for my liking). Diamonds are only pretty for so long in my opinion.

After thoroughly looking at all the pairs of earrings, necklaces, watches, and pendants I began people watching. The crowd in the room was very interesting. I can tell you that there were lots of pairs of loafers which I thought was quite funny. Also mismatched suits. I saw one man in light denim jeans, a dark grey suit jacket, and brown cowboy boots. I'm not quite sure what look he was going for but he rocked it.

There were a lot of older women accompanied by their husbands as well as some foreign looking men (my guess is Turkish) who were only interested in the electronics. There were also a few people who came with their "diamond inspection kits" meaning a magnifying glass, a small light, and a diamond size measurer (there's probably a better word for this but oh well). You could tell who the experts were and it was best to stay out of their way. They were on a mission.

I had never been to a live auction before and it was very interesting to see one done in German. I feel like the ones back home are spoken a little faster but the speaker at this one did sell the items quite fast. About 30 seconds and the item was either sold or put aside because no one wanted it. I didn't raise my hand for any of the items because I'd much rather spend my money on something else but I enjoyed the experience of being there.

Have a sparkly day:)