Last week I had two days off from school which gave me a four day weekend. What did I do with that time? I took my best exchange friend and hopped on a bus to Frankfurt to visit my sister.

Wait, wait, wait. Back up a bit...sister in Frankfurt??? To be precise I'm talking about my host sister, Lena. She lived with me in the US for three months and now that I'm in her home country we've visited each other a few times.

She picked up Taylor and I in central Frankfurt at 8:05 with cold Chipotle and melted Frappuccinos in hand. Our bus was (only) two hours late. So that'sss why taking a bus is so much cheaper than a train...thank you traffic. Taylor and I didn't even notice the sad state of our food and drinks because we were too excited to see Lena and finally be there. We took a train back to her house, ate our Chipotle with homemade guacamole because *fun fact* it's super expensive to get extra guac in Germany too, and then watched a movie before falling asleep.


Lena lives in a small city just outside of Frankfurt called Oberursel. Thursday afternoon we took a bike tour of Oberursel and stopped for ice cream and thai food along the way. Oh how I have missed thai food. Portland people, do you know the restaurant Khao San? Unlimited thai iced tea. Need I say more? Get in there man. Do they have to pay me for advertising their restaurant? Or do I have to pay them to use their name? Am I going to get sued? All of the Suits I've watched hasn't payed off apparently. Where's Harvey Specter when I need him? *see note at the bottom of the page*

The bike tour was fun especially because of how nice the weather was. It was hot. Shorts weather is here! But not only was the sun shining but the pollen blowing. I had no Claritin to save the day (man I've got to stop using company names) so I basically died. I think I sneezed 100 times that day. I've got medicine now but I still think the German pollen wants me dead.


IMG_3831That evening we dressed up and took the train to Frankfurt to partyyy (cautiously and responsibly of course). The three of us had a blast. If there had been a dance competition we would have taken gold no questions asked. If Despacito and Rolex start playing it's best to step back and let us do our thing.


Post party slump

We slept in late the next morning and then took a train back to Frankfurt. We did some shopping and walking around and then stopped for an early dinner before going to Birdy's concert. We got there pretty early because we had floor tickets and wanted to get as close to the front as possible. Oh how our dreams came true. We were front and center, pressed against the gate in front of the stage. Beautiful Birdy was a mere 10 feet away. I could have died happy right then and there. But luckily I survived because now I can tell you about my fantastical experience seeing Birdy perform live in the old opera house in Frankfurt.

Paradisia opened for her. I had never heard of them but I wasn't disappointed. They were really cute and I enjoyed their music. Plus they had a vintage look going on which made me feel some Portland pride. You know Birdy has a song called What About Angels? Well she was the angel in that moment. I posted pictures and videos on Facebook from the concert. Take a look!



Birdy in a bomba$$ studded emerald jump suit #goals





After the concert we went up a skyscraper to the viewpoint and got to see the city from above. We missed most of the sunset but got to see the end which was still beautiful.


On Saturday we woke up a bit earlier so we could get more done. We went to a shopping center and bought sunglasses and matching shirts while judging all the girls walking around in matching shirts (it's a girl thing). We ate lunch there and then went to a swimming pool in Oberursel to get some tanning in. Germany may have weak sun but I'm still getting tan. Summer here I come.

That night we went to a friend of Lena's house and hung out for a few hours before going home and passinggg out. It had been a long and tiring weekend. We woke up the next morning, ate breakfast and drank cappuccinos before going back to Frankfurt so Taylor and I could catch our bus home.

I love getting to spend time with some of my closest friends. If only they lived closer to me. *insert sigh*


Sista sista

Ta ta for now, kales


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