The answer is a lot. About two weeks ago I switched to my second host family. I had a spectacular five months with my first family and I can't possibly thank them enough. We did so much together and I think it was the perfect family to start my exchange with. They gave me so much of their time which is what I have to thank for my awesome German. If you ever read this, know how much I appreciate you hosting me.

Awesome makes it sound like my German is flawless which it's not but I find it to be a very American word that has gotten me places here in Germany. When I used it in my first family I would always get a laugh and now it has become a joke between me and my new host brother.

Host siblings? What?! Yes, new family, new siblings, new dog, new everything. Since it has taken me two weeks to write this you can assume I've integrated well into the new family. Good assuming skills my friend you couldn't be more correct. I lucked out in the host family department or really in the exchange department. I feel so fortunate in everything I have in this year abroad; supportive friends and family, a wonderful district, club, counselor and yeo, and two amazing host families.

Just this week I reached the halfway point of my exchange. It really got me thinking how far I've come in these first five and a half months. I feel really good about everything. I've done and seen amazing things, I have freedom, I'm learning, my German is improving, and I've got five more months that I know I have to make count. At this moment nothing could bring me down. I couldn't be happier.

I've already bonded a lot with my new host family. Our favorite thing to do is watch movies together. On this note, American movies with German voiceovers are not good. When you know what Tony Stark's voice sounds like you don't want to hear Iron Man talking in emotionless German. It just doesn't sound good. I'm sorry German voice guy but you need to go back to Tony Stark voice lessons. Another thing is I'm pretty sure there is one German guy and girl that do the voices for every movie ever. Last time I checked Harry Potter and Dracula from Hotel Transylvania 2 do not sound the same but I've been gone for almost six months so then again what do I know.

I live with my host mom and nine year old host sister and then my 18 year old host brother is also often over. Lukas my host brother would like you all to know that he is the best host brother ever. Intelligent, handsome, and awesome (his words not mine). We speak German together (natürlich) and life is going good. Also they have Greek yogurt with honey so I think I'll be happy here.

Aside from host family changes there has also been a development in my soccer life. Oh wait, did I forget to mention I was playing soccer here? My bad. Sunday I had my first game. I should've played in two already but remember that time I blogged about being deathly ill? Yeah there's your answer about why I didn't. But anyways, Sunday, first game, awesome. We were playing at home against a team from Neuss. We didn't expect them to be very good and they lived up to that expectation because we scored a goal in the first minute of the game. Unfortunately I didn't score but I got to play the entire game so I was satisfied. We won 5-0 in the end.

I didn't realize how much I missed playing in games until I finally got out on the field again. Practice is not the same as a game. At all. I've been practicing for about four months with this team but going out onto the field last Sunday brought me back to games back home. Sprinting down the field, always watching the ball move, and knocking into players to steal the ball transported me back to Portland. My head felt cleared. It was spectacular. Plus I think I got some aggression out I didn't realize I had pent up. Trying to body slam someone who is double your size really does things for the body.

My whole team was so supportive of me before my first game. I'm so happy to be part of a community again.



Karnival is almost here so another update will be coming your way soon but that's enough for now.

your favorite human, kaeleigh