I woke up at 6:20am and got ready for school. I was a stresscase but I made it out the door with minimal casualties (@7:20am). My phone isn't set up yet so once I leave my wifi safe haven there is no way for anyone to contact me which is a bit stressful but you know I make it work.

I biked to school with Pia and Raquel. There were tons of bikes on the roads all headed to the same place, St. Bernhard-Gymnasium (1st-12th grade). When we got there we locked up our bikes and headed to the gym for some informational stuff. We had a short church service (it's a Catholic school) and then received our schedules. Juan, Raquel, and I had to introduce ourselves to our entire class which was probably about 50 kids.

By the time we got our schedules what would have been first period was over and we were off to 2nd. I had Physik. I found my class quite easily because we had been shown around the school campus before. It's quite big. There are five buildings where the classes are held, a church, a cafeteria, and three gyms. I toured college campuses with my dad this summer and it reminded me a bit of that but on a much smaller scale.

My physics class was about 17 kids. Everyone seemed nice. A few girls talked to me before we went into class and asked if I wanted to sit with them. Once in class someone announced there was an exchange student. Yay. The teacher then came up to me and asked in German if I spoke Deutsch I replied I spoke a bit (in German). Then class began, he took roll and passed out textbooks and some papers to sign.We signed about three different papers and I have literally no idea what I was signing for hence my title for this post, "I think I sold my soul to my physics teacher." Hopefully I'm wrong about the whole soul selling thing. The last thing he asked involving "first day of school etiquette" was who would be taking the final exam at the end of the year. The exams they take in the 11th and 12th grade are incredibly important. If you fail any you must retake them and I believe you only get one try. If you don't pass your college opportunities become much smaller. I wasn't sure what he was asking so someone had to translate for me which caused a few laughs but everyone was nice about it.

THEN, my teacher started talking about celsius and fahrenheit. He directed a question at me but I had no idea what he was asking. Turns out he wanted me to tell the class how hot in fahrenheit I thought it was outside because they use celsius in Europe. Why he did this I don't know. Always picking on the new kid. After I gave my answer class began.

I wrote down some notes like the rest of the class but I couldn't even begin to tell you what they mean or say. Let's just say physics in German isn't any easier than physics in the US. It'll be an interesting year I think. A lot of listening to the German rather than learning physics but that's okay. That's what I'm here for right?


This is my physics book and the notes I took German