Typical Thursday, I'd be in school right now doing school things, I'd come home and hang out for a bit and then I would head to soccer like all was good in the world. But sometimes Thursdays aren't typical and sometimes all is not good in the world.

Maybe you've heard or maybe you haven't but I've been pretty sick since Sunday. When you find out you're sick it's sucky because you're like dang it's December 4th and this is going to put me behind schedule in my holiday prep because my packages need to be shipped and I'm going to Berlin next week so everything needs to be done before that and just wow where is the time. Does the fact that I use incredibly long run on sentences still mean I can be considered a good writer (I wrote rider instead of writer there for a second and I'm embarrassed)?

But we're getting sidetracked. It's Sunday and you wake up with a god awful sore throat like your colds always start off with and life is sad but you know what you're dealing with so it's not too bad. You chill all day and the next day wake up and it's worse. It literally feels like you're swallowing nails every time you swallow. So you go to the doctor and get some antibiotics and over the counter ibuprofen. You trust the doctors even though you have no idea what they're saying because how in the world are you supposed to know the names of illnesses in German??? But anyway you probably have strep throat (Streptokokken in German in case you were interested).

Next day comes and you haven't improved at all. You're a lover of food but every time you try to eat or drink something you want to cut your head off to stop the pain in your ears and throat. So you go back to the doctor to have your throat looked at again but instead they say, "Surprise! Welcome to Germany where we do blood tests with no warning!" So Kaeleigh got blood drawn for the first time and wow. How much I did not enjoy that.

Surprise again! It gets worse! It's the next day (Wednesday right?) and your face has broken out into a bright red rash! But why? Must be the ibuprofen because it says it could be a side effect in those warning papers they give you with all medication. So you're taken off of your pain killers and must endure the pain with no help. Blood tests are in but not official. It is suspected that not only do you have a bacterial infection but also a virus. Double illness, go Kale! Your week and a half to get rid of the strep throat just turned into a month to beat that virus. Santa bring on the Advil!

And now it's the not typical Thursday. You wake up and guess what? Your rash has spread across your entire body! I guess it wasn't the ibuprofen after all. You now have to stop taking the antibiotics too and replace them with allergy pills to bring down the terrifying rash. But have no fear Netflix and tea will always be here. Another kind of plus? Now when you eat food it's like choking down sandpaper rather than nails. That can be considered improvement right?

This has been my week. It sounds bloody miserable and yes it was/is but I'm surviving. Yes I would rather have not gotten two different illnesses at once but on the plus side I didn't have to go to school and I finished "The Crown" (watch it) on Netflix so everything is alright. This was supposed to bring humor to my sucky situation and I hope it worked. Praying for good health soon.

later gater