"Fastest multi-launch roller coaster worldwide." Need I say more?

This week I went to one of the biggest amusement parks in all of Germany. Phantasialand! It. Was. Awesome. It reminded me of Disneyland in the fact that it had separate areas with different themes; Berlin, Mexico, Deep in Africa, Fantasy, China Town, and Mystery. My favorite area was Berlin.


The new roller coaster was called Taron. I've been to Disneyland, Disneyworld, and Six Flags but I think Taron makes top three best roller coasters I've ever been on. There were no loops but it was incredibly fast.



Not only did Phantasialand have awesome rides it also had shows. Susanne (h-mom) really wanted us to see the ice show. It was a good break from the walking so we didn't complain. The name of the show was "Ice College." We sat down, the strobe lights turned on, and a song from High School Musical started to play. I knew I was in for a real treat.


Bad quality picture but I need you to see what I'm talking about

Two girls, probably in their late twenties skated out in plaid mini skirts and berets like Cher from Clueless (I really really hope you know what I'm talking about). Then came the obvious "nerd" girl in overalls and pigtails. The mean girls started pushing her around like any high school drama movie ever and then the guys came out. Bowling jackets, biker jackets, basketball game (on ice), prom, a literal Chad from High School Musical. It was all too much. I had to try so hard to hold in my laughter. What made the whole thing worse was that some of the skaters were probably in their forties and their job was to act like they were 17. I kind of felt bad for them.

I know this is a lot of criticism for an ice skating show at an amusement park but I was very weirded out. I never expected to go to Germany to watch a do over of High School Musical on ice. The skating was actually quite good. All in all it was very entertaining.

Now for more pictures:)



My host sister Linda and her boyfriend Tim


Me entertaining the group while we waited in line


Trying to eat a sandwich and having my picture taken


Before our first ride


Before our water ride


Post Phantasialand meal

Have a phantastic day!