Now that we've entered the month of September, I can officially say I've made it through a year of college and a summer of hard work. Looking back at it all, I can confidently say I'm the happiest I've ever been. Say it louder for the people in the back!

I had my doubts when I first began college because staying in state felt like taking the easy route and signing myself up for a long ride on the lazy river where all the lazies slump and slouch in their Lay-Z-Boy chairs. Yeah, I'm dramatic, okay? Sue me. If I knew myself at all, I would've realized this lazy nightmare I had dreamed up shouldn't have been a concern because "easy route" simply doesn't exist in my vocabulary. I haven't lived a day in my life where I haven't pushed myself to do better or find the next best thing. I'm a go, go, go kinda gal. You'll never find me sitting still for too long or waiting around for things to come to me because that's simply not who I am. I'm a go getter and plan on "going" and "getting" no matter what state, country, or continent I may find myself in (or on). Right now, that place is the University of Oregon where I just finished up my prerequisites and applied to be a full major advertising student. I'm learning coding, design, german, and a whole lot more and I couldn't be happier to be immersed in it all.

This year, I made incredible new friends who I love dearly and hope to treasure for all of eternity (in a non-creepy way), experienced all that college has had to offer me thus far, and worked a summer job that filled my soul to the brim. At Camp Yakety Yak, I spent my summer surrounded by people who know the true meaning of giving and with kids who filled my days with smiles and laughter. Working at CYY gave me a whole new appreciation for educators and made me realize the importance of special needs programs in schools. Everyone deserves the opportunity to be in community with people their age and to learn in whatever capacity they are capable. None of this is possible without the selfless, yet much too small group of people who choose to give their time and energy to this incredible group of kids. At camp we offer these kids a home and a safe space to express themselves, something that I wish they had year-round. I've always had a passion for teaching and this summer that passion has expanded to special education and language development and communication. This is something I hope to pursue more in my own time and on a small scale at the UO. Though some choose to fill their summers with relaxation and recuperation, I wouldn't have liked to spend mine any other way.

As the warm weather comes to an end and summer says goodbye, a new year of learning and personal growth is about to begin. Though my summer days have been far from boring, the prospect of a new school year ahead gets me excited. Starting college back up means reconnecting with all my friends, moving into my new apartment, GaMe dAyZ, and getting closer to becoming an expert in something or other. The start of a new school year also means the beginning of a new bullet journal season. If you didn't jump up and down at that fact you've given the wrong response. Bullet journaling is another one of my many passions only this one I pursue on a day to day basis. I've decided to try my teaching and creative talents by making a bullet journaling guide which you can look forward to in future posts. Though my blog is one exemplification of myself, my bullet journal is yet another, one that I can't wait to share with you.

Congratulation, you've made it through another post with moi. You deserve a prize really.

Until next time, kales