I hope my weird title caught your attention. Now that you're listening I can tell you about my experience in a German step aerobics class.

What is step aerobics you ask? Well I learned that it is a group of dance moves done on a step. We did twirls over the step, a lot of arm swinging, step ball changes, and around ze world (go over the step, turn, and do it again). The instructor said that the exercise for the day would be too difficult for me a little beginner. I made sure to prove her wrong. I can around ze world (that's how the instructor pronounced it) with the best of em. She was nice enough to teach the class in English for me which I didn't really need and felt bad about. I can count in German and the class is mainly just following what she does. But I appreciated the effort.

The class was basically one of those things where you have to laugh at yourself. It was fun and good exercise but I felt ridiculous doing it. I was also in the room with seven other over 40 women so that made it even funnier. The instructor named the moves so we knew what to do and one was called Mambo which was then followed by the cha cha. Every time she said it I had to keep myself from laughing. At the end of the class we had to do the three sets of moves all by ourselves and I have to say it was actually pretty hard. 10/10 would recommend step aerobics if only for the experience.

-Yours truly