Kaeleigh          James

Project Manager is my name, efficiency is my game.

I'm a no-nonsense, let's get to work kind of gal. I love calendars, get energized by ticking things off to-do lists, and end every meeting with, "How can we improve our workflow"? 

I love my work as the Editor-in-Chief of Align Magazine, a Strategist for Allen Hall Advertising, and a full-time hype woman. These three jobs blend seamlessly with my no-minced-words feedback followed by a "btw I think you're awesome" text. 

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Things I find exciting: hand lettering, color-coordination, oxford commas, an organized Tupperware drawer, torching crème brûlée, researching just about anything, Fast & Furious 1-5, the proclamation of love scene between Timothée Chalamet and Saoirse Ronan in Little Women, and NEW PENS.

Check out my current self-care here, a Pinterest board of aesthetically decorated cakes I one day hope to replicate. 

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