I swear these are the only songs that play here, give 'em a try

  • Hotter than hell - Dua Lipa
  • If I were sorry - Frans
  • In deiner kleinen Welt - Philipp Dittberner

Things Germany doesn't have:

  • automatic cars
  • low exchange rates
  • ice
  • waffle cones
  • still water
  • local coffee
  • wifi at school:(((

Things Germany does have:

  • too much bread
  • American branded clothing
  • Döner (so frickin good)
  • Pokemon Go
  • skinny jeans that are so skinny they cut off your circulation
  • that typical soccer guy haircut (literally every teen guy has it) ((shaved on the sides, long and tall on top))
  • taxidermy cheetahs in school??? (true story)