Protection Connection

An on-campus organization offering free sexual health products and education to college students at the University of Oregon

My team's goal: 

to help Protection Connection destigmatize & empower sex and conversations about sex through friendly, inclusive, and educational advertising/branding


  • Instagram posts + caption copy
  • Supplies photoshoot
  • 6 Podcast episodes
  • Campus poster series
  • Sex Week event promotion
  • Protection Connection team merch

The Insight

We have something to say to every class, whether it's navigating the basics of inclusive sexual education for the first time or reminding students of safe-sex practices

This year, freshmen found themselves brand new to the wide & often overwhelming experiences of college life.“Pandemic Freshman” or sophomores didn't have a traditional first year of college, so they too are new to the college experience.  Juniors & Seniors had their earlier college years cut short. And now, they're making up for lost time. Attempting to “make up for lost time” can lead to recklessness. 

My team

Strategy: Me!

Art Direction: Isa Ramos & Nick Guzman

Design: Bryn D'Agostino & Makayla Lee

Copy: Lainey Toole & Grace Newlin

PR & Social Media: Veronica Szmit & Caroline Moore

Production: Evan Harvey

Account Management: Holden Fox

Project Management: Michaela Hagel

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