Today is Monday and that means rotary welcome weekend is officially over *sad face.*

On Saturday morning I left for Mettman, Germany which is a city about 30 minutes from where I live to meet all of the other exchange students in my district. There were about 60 of us plus about 20 rebounds/rotex (people who have already been on exchange). We spent all of Saturday hanging out and getting to know each other. Most of us had been in a group chat together since before we even left for exchange but it's so much different to meet the people in person.

We're from all over the world and that's so crazy to think. I now know people from Portugal, Finland, Poland, Brazil, Peru, Mexico, Australia, Canada, and so many more. I think I talked to almost every person in the group and everyone is incredible. I can't wait to see them all again for Deutschland tour in 26 days! I also have to say that I understand why Rotary puts in place the rule "don't only be friends with exchange students" because that's all I want to do after this weekend. The thing about exchange students is that 99% of the time they are incredible people. It takes guts to spend a year abroad and the people who do it understand the good and bad parts about it and it was really great to be able to spend a day talking about it with them.

Not only did I meet people from different parts of the world I also met six from my own country. We come from Alaska, Illinois, Florida, New York, Texas, and of course Oregon. I think it's cool that we're from all over the US, we well represent the whole country.

On a last little note, I now have the goal of coming home knowing how to dance like a Latin American so hold me accountable for this please.