Argh this whole blog thing is really hard. Everyday I think of about ten awesome things to write about but I forget to write them down and when I finally sit down to blog I can't think of anything!

It's noon on day three but I didn't write yesterday and I don't want to neglect my bazillion followers of a day of Kaeleigh awesomeness;) so I'll give y'all a recap.

  • Biked to the supermarket for the first time with my host mom
  • Met all of my neighbors (and I mean all)
  • Met a small, fluffy, white dog named Tequila (highlight of my day)
  • Gardened with my host parents
  • Had a party with Rotarians and host families of the four exchange students here
  • Slayed kicker (foosball) with the exchange students and their host siblings
  • Finally went to bed, sleep comes real fast here

So more on the neighbors thing... I live in Schiefbahn which is part of Willich. It's about 11,000 people which kinda sounds like a lot but I swear everyone knows everyone. Maybe they don't but if you pass someone on the street 9-10 times they will stop to say hello. I was out front of my house with my host parents planting some new things and even people in cars were stopping to talk!

My host mom and I walked around the neighborhood asking people if they had any outside tables we could borrow for our party that night. The walk consisted of very little walking but lasted probably an hour because at the three houses we stopped at we talked for 20 minutes. And by talk I mean h-mom chatted it up with her neighbor squad and I stood by smiling and nodding understanding probably 10%. I later learned that the neighborhood has a set of tables they use whenever someone is hosting a party. Why don't we have this in the US that's my question.

Being in such a small place is very different but I'm interested to see what it will be like.  I'm really excited for school to start because I'll get to meet more kids my age. I haven't seen many but that's probably because it's only been a few days.

Weird note: saw what looked to be an old ladies bike club??? About 12 women over 60 riding together through Schiefbahn. Have to say that's basically elderly goals.

Ta ta for now, enjoy the pics:)

Pia (center) my YEO's daughter and Raquel (left) exchange student from Brazil

host moms and daughters

Thomas and I

exchange squad

Exchange students in Willich with our host families