1) Dear Anonymous,

There are some things about you I deeply respect, and there are others, I really can't stand. That's how you know we're true friends.

You taught me to be brave in a way no one has ever taught me before. I felt utterly fearless beside you as if we two had conquered the world and there we were together, standing on top of it, feeling the adrenaline rush of being such a powerful duo.

You were the teacher. I was a quick study but still a student. You reprimanded me for signs of weakness and so I continued to draw my strength from you until I could find it within myself. Your self-confidence was award-winning, mine a mere contestant. To the best of your abilities, you taught me to be carefree. But I'll never be just like you. We'll have to meet in the middle. I'll always care a little too much and you, not quite enough. Together, we care just enough.

Sincerely, yours truly


2) Dear Anonymous,

I've never met someone so simultaneously put together and yet so free-spirited and curious at the same time. Your mind is a geyser that never stops blowing, yet you're calm. You ask questions that force people to lay themselves bare for you to see and analyze under your brilliant eye. My eyes are trained just as intently as yours but my mind can't piece together the grand discovery you've made.

You inspire me. Where do your ideas come from? What do you do with the answers you receive? I think you're trying to find the answers to the universe. I just wish I could see the big picture that you have so masterfully drawn within your tightly packed brain.

Sincerely, yours truly


3) Dear Anonymous,

There has always been this irrational hatred I've felt towards you. I always thought it was mutual but I'll never really know. You were the first person to teach me what feminine competition can really be like. We didn't compete in many things but I thought you were always out to get me. Actually, I thought you were out to replace me. I was sure everyone liked you more than me.

Our competition for power was continuous (at least in my head). You made me wonder what it would feel like to be alone.

Now I'd like to thank you. I'll probably never forget my feelings toward you but at least our relationship has made me realize how ridiculous I've been. I've disliked you for reasons justifiable only in my scared, egotistical mind. You are the epitome of my immorality. But that doesn't bother me because at least now I understand the difference between who you are and how my mind created you. You've taught me to pick up on my uncalled for jealousy and not act upon it.

Women always have a sense of competition with one another but figuring out that alert in your head that you're being immoral is important. Now more than ever, women need to stick together. So, dear Anonymous, I extend you an olive branch as an example of peace between women in the hope that we can support and build each other up rather than tear each other down.

Sincerely, yours truly