I have successfully completed my first full week of school. I can't say it was awesome because I understood less than 30% but it wasn't totally horrible. I like most of my classes. I can participate in three of them as of now. Spanish, art, and English. You would think I would be able to understand some things in my music class. I can't. It is actually my least favorite class because we don't have real desks, the teacher doesn't speak any English, it's a music comprehension class not playing music, and not a single person acknowledges my existence or tries to help me participate. The whole thing just makes me want to learn German faster. Until then I'll just keep filling journals with doodles.

I'm sad to say that I switched out of my physics class. Someone convinced me to switch into music because it would be easier but now I've discovered it's worse than physics. I still have the same teacher for physics in math which is good and bad. He still likes to ask me questions in German. Every. Class. But it's not terrible. I discovered the class is calculus which I have never taken in my life so the year should be interesting. All the kids in the class have had half a year of calculus practice previously and I'm over here like "What's math"?

Another funny thing about math is that my teacher is kinda crazy. He's been teaching for years and everyone knows two things about him. He smells terrible and he overuses the word "leute." Leute is the german word for people. Since I don't understand anything in the class I made a game of counting how many times he said the word in a 90 minute class period. The first class was 15 times and the second was a whopping 28! Now every time someone says the word my head snaps up and I think of my math teacher.

That's enough about school for now. I want to talk about German style. All I really need to say is people here have their *&%@ together. Everyone is well dressed. I spent my 25 minute break today looking at all the shoe brands people wear to share with you all. Great use of time I know. Puma, Nike, Vans, Converse, Adidas, and Sketchers (I was surprised by this one). Sounds pretty similar to the US but most of the tennis shoes here are the fashionable styles. The Adidas Superstars (thank you Grandma & Grandpa James for buying these for me last October) that I wear all the time are everywhere. I swear every girl owns a pair. That's good because I fit in but it's a little too "in" for my liking. I gotta hit the mall and up my shoe game.

Joggers are also a big deal here along with skinny jeans. Long shirts and neutral colors are a must. Also jean or leather jackets. I love looking at what people are wearing. I feel like I fit in pretty well which makes me super happy and proud. People do wear colors here though and I now realize every shirt I brought is neutral so once again time to up the fashion game. So now you know more about German school and fashion. I hope you feel inspired.

It's now the perfect time to exit.


Meine Schule