You said it, I only wrote it down. Maybe you remember, maybe you don't but either way, I'll spare you the embarrassment of actually being quoted.

  • "I don't cook, I reheat."

Living the college lifestyle a few years early.

  • "My Vine is just too much fire."

The age of Vine was such a beautiful time. #ultimatethrowback

  • "You're fragile like a flower."

Aren't we all when we stand in the face of social responsibility? Oh, wait, so every day? Dang, that one hurt.

  • "I wonder how many times I've gotten high from nail polish."

Water marbling was such a trend, smh. (

  • "I wish I could drink while laying down."

Where's the ribbon for "Literally the Laziest Thing You Could Say"?

  • "So people could monger your likes on Instagram?"

Social media is a crazy place. That's all.

  • "We are smart enough to do dumb things the right way."

If this isn't every high school student's motto...well except those that actually do dumb things the wrong way which I guess is the majority?

  • "I hate rusticity"

I don't even know. I'm just going to call out my brother Isaac on this one. I'm sorry, I promised not to drop names.

  • "Calories don't count if no one is there to see them."

I feel like this is going to be a college mood? Week of exams? Cramming in two different ways?

  • "It's from Chez Republic."

What's geography class?

  • "My life is better than it should be"

When fortune hits, it's a great feeling. I hope everyone feels this at least once in their life but hopefully more than that. This is a quote from my exchange which I think really fits the mood of someone living abroad for a year, most of the time at least.

  • "What's the point of living if you can't live?"

Another one of my favorite exchange quotes.

  • "You look stylish, like a happy McDonalds server"

This comment was aimed at me...still a fresh wound.

  • "This is why I can't drink sparkle water, it just went in my eye."

I myself am a strong advocate of sparkling water. Still looking to get sponsored by La Croix if you happen to have a hookup. #keylimequeen

  • "I hate when 4th graders have Instagram."

I think this one should be modified to "I hate when anyone who doesn't know how to use Instagram has Instagram." But specificity is good too.

  • "See how it looks bad? It's cuz your hair didn't want it."

We've all had that bad hair experience.

  • "Spice is not a flavor, it's a sensation. A really painful sensation."

Need some milk.

  • "What the fork."

Spare the children.

  • "Wait, is ketchup just tomato jam?"

Once again I'm going to call out Isaac. Love you, bro.

I'm sure there were many more quotes I could've collected in the last four years but this is what I got and I'm pretty satisfied with the list. These words represent the serious but mainly the funny quirks of my life during high school. These quotes will remind me of the memories I made during that time and how thankful I am for those experiences. High school had its ups and downs but I chose only to write down the positive pieces because that's what I want to remember from my teen years. I've had my "Quotes from Friends" list on my phone for five years now and I plan to continue building on it. I hope to publish the college edition in a few years.

Stay tuned, Kale